How to Make Shrimp Tempura, Quickly and Easily

Shrimp Tempura Batter Ingredients You can achieve the essence of a delicious shrimp tempura by using hacks to simplify the recipe. To know how to make shrimp tempura taste delicious, essentially you need to do two things: Make a light batter (the batter is actually quite simple) Deep fry just long enough for the coating […]

Easy Salmon En Croute with Spinach and Cream Cheese

Overhead view of Easy Salmon en Croute

The Salmon Wellington also known as Salmon en Croute, is a minor degree less luxurious than its close relative the Beef Wellington. I have simplified this recipe to make for a quicker meal prep experience, by replacing with some premade ingredients – For example, there is no duxelles (which is a mushroom paste) or bacon, […]

Escovitch Fish and Festival

Two golden fried Escovitch Tilapia fish

Follow this recipe to make the perfect Escovtich fish and festivals. I’ve included a video for you to follow along. Enjoy!