Jamaican Stew Peas with Pigtails and Beef

Bowl of Jamaican Stew Peas

Jamaican Stew Peas is the one dish I’d forgo veganism for.  According to my estimation, it’s hands down one of the top meaty stews in the world.  Now all you need is to try it for yourself to see if you agree.  I’m confident you will.  Authentic Jamaican Stewed Peas has the perfect balance of […]

One-Pot Potato Skillet

This Spanish inspired dish is one of my favourite go-to, one-pot wonders. It is typically had for breakfast but it is so rich, filling and satisfying; I would have this for lunch, AND dinner. It has fried potatoes, veggies, bacon and/or beef with a finger-licking spiced tomato sauce to tie it all together. Top it […]